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The importance of historical antiques

We are part of history as history is part of us, since we have been in the caverns we have sought a way to leave a trace behind, something that will put our mark in this world and go through it by being remembered, cave men left their hand prints and some kind of diary on the walls, as people learnt how to communicate, the traces we leave behind are evolving.

Part of our legacy lays on what we leave behind, it could be a photograph, a text about our life, a video, a book, anything is an archive nowadays you either are online or you’re not and some of those things are treasures from time they reveal things from us that can be brought back to life just by looking at them, objects so precious because time has passed upon them and the story they can tell, diaries, newspapers anything you can put your hands on it’s a valuable experience.

There is such importance on things and their story that we have museums where anyone can go and learn about a specific period of time, know the that played once upon a time and involve a little bit about that part of our time, a time we all share and as time passes these things become of more value, people collect things with stories, things that have survived enough to tell these stories.

There are plenty of effective ways to preserve a document, the keeping of an old object can depend on many factors, after all these objects, these books are so valuable to human history, they tell us how we were, and who we are as a species, museums have faced greater hardships in order to preserve important records from human history, they have put all their funds and efforts into that one task, preserve and restore, so it is not strange from them to give up anything as long as a document is preserved and will serve as record of human history.

Climate change and ambient: a key factor on the preservation of important things, it is a preventive way to be on the lookout, the weather can predict how an object can decay, too much sun can make some sheets broke, piling books can be such harmful way to treat them, it hasn’t been done that way since, not being organized and making a mess out of the objects you are trying to preserve can tell a lot about the “vital life” an object can have.

A volatile temperature can be involved in the preservation of files and ancient documents, it can say a lot about the vital life of the object, and it can even have a chemical imbalance that is gonna make the books decay quickly, books can torn and fracture. There is a saying that goes: “the higher the temperature the lower the live, the lower the temperature the higher the life”, so those are the key principles you have to take in account one you are handling a special ancient object.

A bad handling can say a lot about the objects life, it can talk about prolong an object’s life, a knowledged use can provolog an objects life, a total ignorance about the same can dettach some vital life to the antique and produce irreparable damage to its state.

We know that as time goes by on us, we get older, it does the same on objects, the damage is unstoppable, and as we can not stop time we can not stop decay on our objects, so what curators actually do is restore and try to preserve those objects so important to us, it is important to know how to preserve an object and a historical relique, we never know when are we gonna face that kind of situation, so it is best to have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to precious antiques, and leave the task to experts on the matter, so they have the tools and knowledge to face such unique situation.